Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tom Cruise: Modern Vampire?

What is Tom Cruise's Secret, is he a Modern Vampire?

Tom Cruise Kelly McGillis Top Gun 1986 jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Think about it... 1986!
Tom Cruse was about 23 when he made "Top Gun" (1986) directed by Tony Scott (now unfortunately deceased). In 2012, Tom Cruise turned 50. Kelly McGillis, meanwhile, was about 28 during filming of "Top Gun," and in 2012 hit her 55th birthday. Do you think the five-years age difference is enough to account for that?
Tom Cruise smiling in Top Gun jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Tom Cruise 1986 : "Man, I look about 30, don't I?  Cool."
Tom Cruise Kelly McGillis Top Gun jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Kely McGillis, cute as a button, looks younger than Tom Cruise in 1986
Kelly McGillis Top Gun jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"Tom, I'm ... growing ... old"
Tom Cruise jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Tom Cruise 2012: "Man, I look about 30,  don't I? Cool!"
Kelly McGillis jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Kelly McGillis 2012 at an art show

Since you're here, below are a couple of videos from "Top Gun," the trailer and a music video:



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